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Using EnglishClub

Weekly Audio News
A weekly audio news report is added to every Tuesday. Help your students keep up with current events with this weekly exercise.

How English Teachers can use MyEC
I’m an English teacher and I just joined Now what?

Virtual Round Table Conference 2010
Do you want to challenge your English learners online? Join’s administrator for a live tour of MyEC at the Virtual Round Table Conference on October 8, 9 2010.

Teaching with MyEC Photo Gallery
The MyEC Photo Gallery is a free resource for finding images to use in class.

Chat Rooms for Students and Teachers
How to use EnglishClub’s chat rooms with your students and colleagues.

Learning English Video Project
Tips on using the Learning English Video Project in your school or English program.

English Reference’s Reference section contains thousands of words and expressions you won’t find in traditional EFL textbooks and materials.

This Week in History
How to use This Week in History as a topical source for lesson planning.