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The Environment

Are your students blogging?
Thinking about going paperless? Get blogging!

Greening the White House with Solar Panels
Invitation to try an English lesson on the greening of the White House.

Dear Mother Earth
A writing activity for environmentally-themed lessons or modal practice.

Litterless Lunches
Help reduce waste at your school by encouraging your students to bring in litterless lunches. Try these fun activities.

Greenery in the Classroom
Try the Greenery Experiment in your classroom. Do your students feel more relaxed and creative?

Beverage Bottle Ban
ESL teachers ban all sorts of things from their classrooms, including native languages, electronic dictionaries, iPods and other gadgets. Why not add plastic bottles and paper cups to the list?

Green that Skit
Liven up your classroom skits with a touch of green.

The 20-minute Makeover
Change “clean up” to “makeover” and take your students outside for a breath of fresh vocabulary.

Non-Material Rewards to Motivate Adult Learners
Adult learners are motivated by rewards as well. This doesn’t mean you have to buy them pocket dictionaries.

Non-material Rewards to Motivate YLs
Rewards motivate learners to work hard, behave well, and get along with others. But we all know where the trinkets, stickers, and certificates eventually end up…

Recycle Trusty Songs and Rhymes
You don’t have to be a poet to find ways to reuse old songs and rhymes.

The Paperless Pause
Many of us do our best to reduce paper use in the classroom… As participants in one of the most paper dependent professions in the world, is there anything more we can do?