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Review ~ Managing Projects
Reviewed Mar 2013 by Jamie Lesley

managing-projectsPublished by Delta Publishing in conjunction with UK-based corporate trainers York Associates, Managing Projects is intended for learners at CEF level B2 to C1, and as such, is perhaps unsuitable for those not already at or moving towards a high level of English proficiency. It is principally viewed as a group learning resource but may also accommodate one-to-one teaching, as well as self-study. Its major selling points are its handling of cultural issues affecting work performance and communication, and its promotion of personalised goal-setting to monitor progress with learning diaries and action plans, both of which consolidate the learning process and encourage work-skills transfer. The book is one of a series of four entitled International Management English. It rests on the well-founded belief that to manage people and execute
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English Out There Intermediate TD4
Reviewed Oct 2009 by Clare Welch

This book is comprised of 20 complete lessons, each with brief teacher’s notes and on average 3 task sheets of reading, comprehension and vocabulary activities followed by an ‘Out There Task’ to practice speaking skills. It takes a different approach to materials writing by being fully photocopiable and presenting more real life language and an emphasis on social communication skills, which would definitely be of use to students planning to live in the UK or to socially
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