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Article Submission

TEFL.net welcomes suitable guest writer articles for our international community of English teachers. We are interested in topics related to teaching English. Here are a few example subject areas:

TEFL Guest Writer

  • Lesson Ideas
  • Your Techniques
  • Tips and Ideas
  • Fillers and Warmers
  • Cultural Tips
  • Games and Activities
  • Home and Abroad
  • Materials
  • ESP, including Business English
  • Teacher Training
  • Young Learners
  • Web Technology and Multimedia
  • Management and Administration
  • Conferences and Workshops
All articles published will carry your name and (optionally) short bio with/without a link.

How to Submit
Please click here to submit your article in plain text form. At the end of your article please add your name and, if you wish, short bio (in which you can include one link to a relevant website of your choice).

Submission Guidelines

  • We are interested only in original articles that have not been published elsewhere on the web, and will not be so.
  • Articles should be non-commercial and without inappropriate embedded links, though a do-follow link in your bio is possible.
  • Article length of up to 750 words is preferred.
  • We do not encourage “two-part” articles.
  • We will notify you in a timely manner if we do not feel able to publish your contribution.

Please note that we reserve the right to edit all submitted content. By submitting content you confirm that:

  1. you are its author,
  2. you have the right to offer it for publication, and
  3. you offer it freely without obligation to TEFL.net for possible publication on TEFL.net.